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June 20th, 2013, 02:14 PM
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Hi All, I'm new here & hoping someone can give me some insight as to what could be going on with me.

I stopped taking my oral birth control 13 months ago. No intention of trying to get pregnant right away, but I had been on the pill for 11 years due to being diagnosed with PMDD and had heard horror stories of women not being able to conceive for 7+ years after taking BC for that long.. so I figured I would stop the pills since my fiance and I plan to start trying to conceive after we get married. We've just been using the withdraw method (I know.. not smart) along with condoms every now and then. I started getting normal periods, every 28 days, right after I stopped the pill. Normally it lasts 3 days with a light to medium flow.. goes away for a day.. then a I get brown spotting for a few hours and then its gone. I normally get horrible, debilitating cramps the 2 days before it comes continuing until it's gone..

Well, this month I experienced a light pink spotting when I would wipe, about a week before my expected period. As the week went on.. no signs of AF coming.. no cramping or mood swings, nothing. Well my expected period day came and went.. and then a few more days passed. On day 4 with no period my friend made me take an E.P.T. digi HTP (at 10 pm with barely a dribble of urine, might I add but she wouldn't let up about me taking it).. came back negative. Figured I would wait another week and retest. Well, after being 9 days late I got some brown spotting three times when I wiped, but nothing in my underwear or anything.. no cramps or other period symptoms. Just been kind of nauseous and sensitive to some foods, a few occurrences of twingy lower left back pain, a few fever spikes (in the normal is in the 97s), horrible headaches, and sore breasts, none of which ever accompany my period. So on day 10 of no period I woke up and went to the bathroom, well I sit down and quite literally thought I was peeing blood for a good 10 sec.. when I wiped it was bright red with a ton of clots in it. I called my cousin who is a nurse and she said to stay away from the tampons and use a pad to better monitor the bleeding. So I used a liner while I went to get pads but when I got back from the store, there was noting in the liner... and nothing when I wiped. I put the pad on and figured I'd wait it out.. a good 8 hours of no bleeding and then it started again.. every time I would sit down to pee it was like a crimson waterfall. (sorry TMI). It lasted a few hours then went away again. Today its still happening every few hours but with less blood and no clots. No cramping or anything but still have the nausea and headache and some dizziness though..

I took another E.P.T. digi HTP this morning with the dip method.. that one came back negative as well.. I've read so many stories about people being pregnant and still getting regular monthly vaginal bleeding (not a period of course but the same amount of bleeding).. and getting negative HTP after negative HTP and not finding out they're pregnant until the baby starts moving or they go into labor and I really do not want to be one of those people. I already have an OB/GYN appointment in a few weeks so I was going to wait to go to the dr. until then but with all this bleeding I'm not sure if I should go in before.. I'm just freaking out because I have never been this late and NEVER bled this heavy.. esp. in the absence of cramping. I don't know if I could be pregnant with this much bleeding or if I'm miscarrying or if this is just AF coming in the strangest way or what is going on.. I'm hoping someone on here has some idea or some similar experience..
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