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June 20th, 2013, 03:04 PM
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OMG!! Just catching up with our DDC and so happy to see all our happy healthy babies!!! Congrats to all you mommas!!

I came back to the mainland earlier this month and its been a hustle catching up with family, friends and doc appts. Baby girl is doing great and I'm scheduled for a repeat c/s on 6/26. I feel good, moving a lil slower but cant complain...I'm happy to now be reunited with all my family and have the support I was so lacking on Maui. I still feel busted about not having the opportunity for a Vbac, but Im happy just to he home. Gotta take the small victories too

So assuming baby doesnt decide to come sooner, im set for labwork & pre-op next Tues at the hosopital and they'll let me know what time to come in on Wed 26th. Im crazy excited to meet my girl!

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