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June 20th, 2013, 07:27 PM
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I had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands about a year ago and I highly recommend it. I messed around with a brace for awhile, which didn't help....had a cortisone shot which helped a little but my dr just said that the surgery was a piece of cake so might as well just do it and stop dealing with it. I don't have ANY pain or numbness whatsoever anymore. I can't even find the scars on my wrists anymore, they healed so well. The surgery was a piece of cake....they knock you out and when you wake up you have nothing more than a bandaid on. My sister waited WAY TOO LONG to have her surgery and she had already caused permanent nerve damage by waiting too long so she lost mobility in her thumb. I didn't mess around and as soon as the dr. suggested it, I went for it. I did not wait to the point of damaging nerves. I am a big advocate for CT release surgery. Whenever I hear anyone talk about it, I say go for it....

This was one of my hands when I came home from surgery:

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