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June 20th, 2013, 09:11 PM
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Well I didn't get my birth story all written up but long story short... I broke my water with a little finger condom hook with my midwife about 7:50pm on April 2nd (my midwife tried a few days before and couldn't reach). I started having contractions at about 9pm. I had the photographer come at about 10pm (I thought things would go quickly since this was my third baby../). The midwives came about midnight. I then labored (zen like, without much pain at all) for the next 5 hours. Once transition started I thought we might be on our way but no, they came nice and slow for another 3 hours! The entire time i kept wishing for more pain (because more pain equals more progress right?) once i felt like had been "transitioning" long enough I had my midwife check me, I was at 8 and could stretch to 9... I got up and tried to labor on the toilet one last time and started feeling a little "pushy" the contractions were very un-helpful... we decided I could start pushing so I did. I tried 4 different positions before I got into one where I could get enough energy to push with my weak contractions. At that time I probably pushed for about 5 minutes to get her to start crowning (at this time I was using my hand on top of my belly to help push because the contractions weren't helping very much) and then once I got her head out I felt that the body was going to be larger so I asked what to do... I asked if I should just push and I heard someone say "sure" and sure enough I just pushed the rest out. She was crowning-born within 1 minute! After she was born they told me she had her arm/hand up under her neck and chin which made her a little bigger around the body... Thankfully I got away with out any tears. My beautiful Arriana Lena was born at 8:53am on April 3rd, after 42 weeks and 5 days gestation at 9lbs 4oz, 21 3/4 inches, 14 inch head. Glad it is all over and so glad she is here!! Totally the happiest baby I have ever had!

Here is my birth slideshow! Arriana's Birth - YouTube

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