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June 21st, 2013, 04:13 AM
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im 20 years old my best friend who is 22 and i were never anything other than friends and then one drunken night we ended up having sex. we got past that and it wasn't anything that really effected our friendship. until he got back with his girlfriend a few weeks later and cheated on her with me multiple times. i urged him to tell her and he wouldn't...wanted to hide it. then i found out im pregnant.

im about 5 or 6 weeks along and im freaking out. at first we just said we would get an abortion. now its been two weeks and i have adjusted to the situation a little better. I decided i would keep the baby on my own. hes busy worrying about what his girlfriend wants and i realized his opinion doesnt really matter to me because i dont need him. then he tells me he wants to be a part of it and that he doesnt want me moving and raising his baby without him. which is fine, it changed my plan a little but if he wants to be there then i support that. now come to find out he really just wants me to get an abortion, he thinks the whole thing is a mistake, that i shouldnt keep the baby and im ruining both our lives....but he wont say any of this to me. hes my best friend and can barely talk to me.

im so lost and confused. i feel so alone, he doesnt want it but he wont admit that to me. i was considering adoption strongly but he doesnt agree with someone else raising his child. anyone gone through something similar?
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