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June 21st, 2013, 06:24 AM
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Being a part of JM has made me very aware of the awful fact that there are many couples who struggle to conceive...and the fact that many people don't really talk about it.

I haven't really known of any people in my "real" life that have had a hard time to conceive. ..until last night

We're pretty good friends with a couple that got married almost a year ago. Of course, everyone has been pestering them since that day about starting a family. My husband goes mountain biking with the husband.

Last night he told Dan that they've been having a hard time conceiving, and that his wife is on fertility meds now.

It's just so tough to see such an amazing couple not be able to have a baby. They would seriously make spectacular parents.

It's so hard to comprehend how awful people can easily conceive, but the nicest people in the world have trouble. Blah
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