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June 21st, 2013, 09:39 AM
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Welcome! I'm Marjorie, mom to Allison (3) and JR (1).

I just wanted to chime in with my answers since I have littles

We got started homeschooling with our local homeschool group. I started going so my daughter would have some local friends and I wouldn't always have to drive an hour away for playdates. She made some friends (she tends to gravitate to older kids, they're more on her academic level) and started asking to go to school like her friends. She was only 2.5 so I came up with some easy coloring pages and simple things that she could do. That lasted less than a week before she said it was too easy and she didn't like it! I stepped up the pace and we started doing more of kindergarten type work and she was happy again. We finished what I would consider kindergarten in March. We are doing fun stuff/summer learning right now and will be starting first grade in July!

I'm in Arizona so we don't have difficult requirements, just turn in an affidavit of intent the school year she turns 6. Some states require testing or portfolios or meetings with certified teachers, it all depends.

Good luck on seeing if you can change your daughter's idea of mommy can be a teacher too!

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