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June 21st, 2013, 11:43 AM
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Update (6/23/13):
So I went in this morning around 0810 for my second beta level. I was shocked when we were still at church and I got a phone call from the nurse. She was letting me know that my Beta number is now 176!!!! I am so excited!!!! I still can't believe she called me back today to give me the results already, I wasn't expecting to get them back until tomorrow. She is going to call me on Monday and we will set up my ultrasound.I think that I will still be going in on Tuesday for at least one more set of labs.

UPDATE(6/22/13) : Sorry it has taken me so long to do this but today has been super busy!!! I walked my first 5K today called Color Me Rad and it was awesome!!! I walked it with my co-worker and both of our sons went with us. Since we pushed them in the stroller part of the time, I was very pleased with our time of an hour!!!

Finally got my lab results back: Beta Hcg is 80 and my progesterone level is 23.5!!! I go in at 0800 tomorrow (Sunday) for my next set praying and fingers crossed that it has doubled!!!!

Now for the long awaited pee sticks!!!

Here are the tests from yesterday:

Here is my test from this morning with FMU

Here is tonight's test at 3 min marker

Here is tonight's test at the 10min marker

Don't worry I still have plenty of pee sticks, I restocked tonight, I have 2 digitals, 3 FRER, and 4 cheapies from Wal-Mart.

Also I told hubs with the items in the bag and he is just as shocked and elated as I am. It is so hard for both of us not to want to tell everyone and scream it from the rooftop!!!! But his first reaction was "Are you serious? and Is this for real?"

I promise to post more pee sticks today. My phone is being retarded and I can't figure out why it was working fine last night but not so much right now. I promise at some point and time today, I will post pee sticks.

So I called my RE this morning. His nurse called me back and she sounds just as a excited/shocked as I am. I am going in this afternoon for blood work. I didn't have a progesterone problem last time but to be safe I will be taking suppositories for at least the first 8/9wks. I will either get my lab results today or tomorrow morning. I will be going in on Sunday to have my labs repeated. I was going to wait to tell DH until Tuesday. But now that plan has changed since I have to have the blood work repeated Sunday.

I think I am going to tell him that I have a late Father's Day/early birthday present for him (his birthday is on the 30th of this month) DS and I will go up to the fire station with some sweets and a present. I am going to buy some baby socks, onesie, and Russell is going to wear a shirt. I am still just shocked and in denial that this is really happening.

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