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June 21st, 2013, 12:11 PM
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Soooo.... I am pretty sure I ovulated yesterday, based on today's temp and positive OPK on Wednesday.

However, on Wednesday, DH DTD solo during the day even though he KNEW what time it was, so he was unable to perform that night. I was pretty ticked. I don't even care if he does the other 3 weeks out of the month. I guess my bases are still covered, we BD'd a few times earlier in the week.

Not that it matters... cue major spotting last night. I needed a pad, it was like a light flow AF day. I HOPE I don't have another week of spotting and another 9 day LP like last cycle. I am so freaking fed up. If this table didn't weight 400 lbs I would have flipped it over by now.

Sorry, I am venting, I am in a pretty foul mood right now.

And since we're on that course already, I am so freaking sick of how smug pregnant ladies and new mothers can be. "When are you going to have kids? Oh bmeneeaoeiasdfasdfasdfjsmugsmugsmugsmug. Being a mother is THE most important job in the world."

I hope none of you ladies on TTC#1 are going to be like that. Whatever happened to modesty? Sure, kids are great, I don't know if being a MOTHER is the most important thing anyone could do. What about fathers? Need I mention that plenty of people can't have kids, or simply choose not to, and that does not make their contribution to society any less important. What about people who find cures for deadly diseases? What about people in the military or law enforcement who protect us every day? What about the person that makes my hamburger when I go out to eat. When I need a hamburger, the people making and serving that burger have the most important jobs in the world. Don't be smug.
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