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June 21st, 2013, 01:41 PM
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I did not breastfeed my first two so this is new to me and very important because I really want to breastfeed.

First day she did great at latching on in the hospital with the help of the lactation consultants and nurses. As the night approached though it was so hard to get a good latch, my nipples are on fire constantly. Then first night at home was miserable. I'm getting her to latch but not sure if it is correct. It hurts so much and she would just suck for a few minutes and fall asleep each time no matter how much I stimulated. She was just crying non stop so I gave her a little formula and she sucked it down in no time and finally has been content. Ever since then I cannot get her to latch and she screams terribly when I keep trying. So we have now done 5 formula feedings.

My milk has not come in yet.
-Does it get easier once the milk comes in?
-Is she ever going to latch or did I ruin it by giving her the bottles?

Any advice is appreciated. I am not opposed at all to pumping and bottle feeding her the breast milk as my main desire is for her to have the breast milk, not necessarily having to feed her directly from the breast.

I am really upset and feel like I am failing with my intentions to provide her the breast milk. And so disappointed in the formula feedings.

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