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June 21st, 2013, 01:48 PM
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It's possible that she is getting frustrated because it does require work to draw out the colostrum since its a thick substance. When she is rooting look for a wide open mouth, she needs to draw in the areola and the nipple not just nipple. Looking for the widest opening will help her learn to get both parts of the breast. If she is only pulling in nipple gently remove her and try again. You can remove her by pulling down on her jaw this will cause her to open her mouth releasing the nipple. She could be a gassy baby and thats why she's screaming or she can sense you are tense. If you can take some time where you can nurse skin to skin with no interruptions. Put her to the breast every time you think she is hungry or wants to nurse this will help your milk to come in. Not doing this can be causing the delay in your milk coming in.

They cluster feed to draw your milk supply so there is a reason why she seems like she wants to feed all the time. She is trying to stimulate your body to make breast milk.

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