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June 21st, 2013, 02:31 PM
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As a fairly experienced babywearer, I find the Moby hard to use. I don't like how you need to tie it tighter than comfortable because it will start sagging once you put baby in. And it's way too much fabric for me. Woven wraps come in different sizes, so you can get a size that won't leave you with too much extra fabric. If you get a light weave or a cotton/linen blend, it will be cooler than a Moby (but you're still wrapping fabric around your body, so it will by nature be hotter than a ring sling or a soft structured carrier). I think woven wraps are your best bet if you anticipate wearing your baby for a long can use them for back carries and the multilayered carries are good even for toddlers.

Ring slings are great for babies...I liked it up until around 9 months or so. Once baby starts getting heavier, having all that weight only on one shoulder gets harder on your body. But they have the advantage of being easy to get baby in and out once you figure out how to tighten it properly. I needed an in person lesson for using the ring sling.
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