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June 21st, 2013, 05:46 PM
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Kim, what a fun idea for a birthday party! Hope everyone has a great time. How is your "soul-mate" couple that you met a long time ago and had some dates with? Are you guys still in touch?

Michelle, there was only one boy that was hard to say goodbye too, which is why I took him back when James was a newborn. He was with us from 6 months - 3 years. He kind of felt like my own kid and he was like a brother to Leah. And we only saw them once or twice after he stopped coming. It was rough at first, but then when Leah started school, I saw that he would have been so crazy bored with just a baby to play with, so I knew I had done the right thing by suggesting preschool.

We saw the doctor yesterday. He didn't ask too many questions. He felt J's tummy and gave a diagnosis and suggested a completely new (strict) diet to try for about 6 months and we'll see how James is doing then. I also have to get three poop samples by the end of next week. I guess it's a good thing he's not potty trained yet. The diet is drastic for James (no gluten, nothing sweet, no potatoes or bananas or a few other things). Sadly, those are kind of staples for him. It will be easier to get it figured out without Leah and DH here though, complaining about all the changes in our meals and snacks (since it really has to be a family affair).

DH and Leah left earlier this afternoon. James went to sleep early and I am already bored. I could work, but who wants to work on a Friday night? Tonight would be a good night for an active board or a PR chat.

Have a good weekend everyone!
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