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June 21st, 2013, 06:18 PM
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When we first put him in his crib, he wouldn't sleep on his cotton sheets. He had always slept fine for naps on the floor on one of those waterproof sheets we used to change him on so he had gotten used to those and didn't like the feel of anything else. When you'd put him down to sleep, he'd rub his hands over the mattress and if it was cotton sheets he'd wake up and cry, but if we used a waterproof mattress pad that felt like the sheet he'd nap on, he'd go right to sleep and be fine. So that's what we've used. But now that they've been washed over and over, they have started to pill a bit and I think that's made them a little rough, so I'm thinking that's the issue.

Tonight I pulled out the cotton jersey sheets again and he did fine going to sleep, so we'll see if it lasts.

I'll also be putting baby face balm on his nose to help. Thanks for the input, ladies

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