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June 21st, 2013, 06:25 PM
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M2M-YAY!!! they found a place. Sorry if it was me who made you mad???
FW_ would LOVE to see the show. I'm supposed to be in Orlando the end of August *fingers crossed* do you have any shows planned around then?? Are you close to that location??
UM- i'm sorry they brought extra people and that your dh doesn't seem to be listening to/respecting your requests.
5in5- hope the weather stays away from you and your family. wahoo for helpers.
bm8- yay for getting stuff.

Dh had to extend his travel to at least Wednesday...He left Tuesday (was supposed to be home tonight)
We have a "garage cat" named stanley, tiger, i-cap, kitty or cat depending on who is referring to her and in what mood they are in. About 6 months ago, I was sitting outside our garage and heard her meowing and saw she was curious, she was pretty young/small 2-3 months old likely. I gave her a can of tuna and we've been her people ever since. She rarely comes in the house. Dd1 just brought home a kitten 8-10 weeks old??? She named it "Toast" oddly looks just like garage kitty, just smaller. They are the grey stripey with an M on their forehead.
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