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June 21st, 2013, 08:34 PM
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thanks for the responses. I am still not spotting and am supposed to start tomorrow. We just bd'd and I'm hoping that it don't start the spotting. My temp was above the line again today and according to my chart I have a 16.9 % chance of having a positive pregnancy test on or before dpo 9. I know it is a waiting game at this point. I just wanted your opinion. At least it is possible this month. I was spotting way before this point last month and barely made it to my ninth day before they said my period was starting. As for the symptoms I know they might not be because I am pregnant. Some of them are signs that my period is approaching. I'm going to test on the first like they suggested. Just keep your fingers crossed that things go my way this month. My cycle has been different this month and hopefully that is a good sign. We'll see how my temp is in the morning and then I might know better what is going to happen. It is up to God and not me. He is in control and I am following him.
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