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June 21st, 2013, 08:39 PM
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Tomorrow is:

The 21st month of no birth control for me
The 21st week we have been married
Between that day and our ttc date:
I had 3 cycles:
- one I didn't ovulate
- one was 40 days long thanks to family drama
I used 3 cans of spermicide
realized both dh and I are allergic to spermicide
I have gained 40.4lbs
I have lost 16.6 of those 40.4lbs

Thursday is

The 18 month mark for us.

In 18 months I have had 21 cycles
In 18 months we have ttc for 19 cycles
In 18 months I have seen 4 BFP's
In 18 months I have had 4 chemical pregnancies
In 18 months I have spent over $400 trying to get pregnant
In 18 months I have ordered 275 cheapie opks
In 18 months I have ordered 240 cheapie pregnancy tests
In 18 months my husband has thanked a God he doesn't believe in for Swagbucks so he didn't actually pay out of pocket for most of what I've spent... on more than one occasion.

Seriously if December 27th I'm not knocked up and I reach that 2 year mark.. I might need medication.. and lots of it.
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