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June 21st, 2013, 08:52 PM
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EPO is a prostaglandin, much like what is naturally produced by your body. (Cervadil and Cytotec are synthetic prostaglandins as well that are used to "ripen" the cervix in some hospital inductions.) EPO is no where near as strong as those drugs and is closer in strength to the prostaglandins found in semen. The purpose of a prostaglandin in labor is to soften and thin the cervix in preparation for contraction that will open the cervix.

Natural prostaglandins (like EPO and semen) usually only jump start actual labor if your body is already on it's way and just needs a "nudge".

Most midwives and OB's I know recommend waiting until you are full term (37 weeks) to begin using anything like EPO. It won't start labor, but you want your cervix to stay firm and thick until it's time for that baby to come out!

At that point you can insert 1-2 500mg gel caps (I usually poke them open with a sterile needle) vaginally before bed. You can take them orally too. That's the recommend my midwife gave me, at least.

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