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June 22nd, 2013, 06:23 AM
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I am pregnant Hold on....let me type that one more time.... I am pregnant!!

After a very long TTC journey (since 2008) my husband and I are beginning a new journey....becoming a mommy and daddy

I am still in a bit of shock. I cant help but check the toilet paper after I use the bathroom…im sure I will continue to do this throughout my pregnancy.

Well, where to begin. I had surgery last July to remove some huge fibroids from my uterus. My doctor told us we could start trying November 2012 and we did when we could. Scott was working/living in Fort Worth…2 in a half hours away…so TTC was a little hard to do. We were able to get some BDing in from November to February…but DH was offered a job back at home and he took it and moved back at the end of March. We took a couple of months off during the move and started back up…in all it took us about 8 months of TTC after my myomectomy surgery to get pregnant. This was to be our last cycle TTC on our own before we tried IUI.

Two things we did different the last few months:
  • We have been using coconut oil as a lube…I found out that preseed is FULL of parabens. Which I believe is what caused my fibroids…because for years I had been putting estrogen straight into my uterus….preseed is very BAD in my opinion!!!!!!
  • I also started drinking red raspberry leaf tea during my period and throughout the month for the last 3 months…I read somewhere that it was a good tea to drink after having a myomectomy because it helps to heal and tone the uterus after surgery.
I have been on a juice fast the last few days….I do it every summer…I juice my meals and snacks to cleanse…well I haven’t been feeling very well and I have never felt so sluggish on a juice fast….now I know why
Well, I think I O’d June 6 or 7….I got a positive opk on the CD 15 so I think I O’d on Friday CD16….which is late for me since my surgery. I’ve been O’ing early since my surgery. My period was due Wednesday, June 19 and I hadn’t had any spotting or feelings of AF so I took an IC test….and a pink line showed up

<a href="" target="_blank">

So being the well trained TTC#1 member that I am…I saved my FMU so that I could use a FRER and a digi.
And I got these at 12 DPO

<a href="" target="_blank">
<a href="" target="_blank">

My BFP post

After I saw the word pregnant pop up I screamed and ran into our bedroom and woke up Scott. I told him he was going to be a daddy b/c I was preggo…he was still asleep and was like “What?” I turned on the light so he could read the digi….he got the cutest smile on his face and hugged me. We both couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the day.
I am due February 28, 2014 but because of my surgery last year I will have to have a schedule C-section about a week or 2 before my due date.

My first appointment is July 1st which is our 8th wedding anniversary

Important Dates:

  • June 19 ~~~3 Weeks 5 Days~~
  • July 1~~~5 Weeks 3 Days~~~First appointment and ultrasound ~~~ could see gestational sac and yolk sac
  • July 3~~~5 Weeks 5 Days~~~ 2nd round of blood work.
  • July 5~~~6 Weeks~~~morning sickness hits
  • July 15 ~~~7 Weeks 3 Days~~~ 2nd ultrasound appointment~~~got to see baby ~ heartrate 149 measuring on time
  • July 28~~~9 Weeks 2 Days~~~have to wear a hair elastic on jeans to fit
  • July 30~~~9 Weeks 4 Days~~~pink spotting went to doc had ultrasound and baby looked great~ measuring on time and HR 170
  • August 5~~~10 Weeks 3 Days~~~ great visit, HR 168...Squirt waved at DH during the ultrasound ~ did the CF blood testing
  • August 7~~~10 weeks 5 days~~~ Met with the high risk doctor~~great visit baby measuring ahead~~had a 3D ultrasound
  • August 10~~~11 weeks 2 days~~~told family we were expecting a little one
  • August 12~~~11weeks 4days~~~appointment with thyroid doctor~~~all labs came back fabulous
  • August 28~~~ 13 weeks 6 days~~~ had to start wearing a belly band b/c pants dont fit with hair elastic very well any more
  • September 1~~~14 weeks 4 days~~~energy seems to have returned...nauseous has gotten a lot better
  • September 3~~~dr appointment cancelled rescheduled
  • September 9~~~15 Weeks 3 days~~~ dr appointment went great...heart rate 156
  • September 17~~~16 Weeks 5 days~~~early anatomy scan...Squirt looked great...moving around like crazy...did the maternal 21 test...results came back issues
  • September 20~~~ 17 Weeks 1 Day~~~ I have offically popped...bump is noticable with clothes on...YAHOO!!!
  • September 21~~~ finished our registration for baby
  • September 26~~~18 Weeks~~~felt flutters of movement!!!!!!! felt like butterflies below my tummy!!!!!
  • September 30~~~18 Weeks 4 days~~~tried to go without zofran...didnt work out so well...really sick all day...I will continue taking it
  • October 7~~~19 Weeks 4 days~~~ visit with the OB went great heartrate 148 measuring on time
  • October 14~~~20 weeks 4 days~~~visit with doctor. Had an ulrasound and got some great pics of Squirt. Squirt was having a ball moving around
  • October 21~~~21 weeks 4 days~~~started wearing maternity pants...needed comfort, bought new bras...belly looks so cute...finally look preggo
  • October 25~~~22 weeks 1 day~~~feeling little flutters depending on my position...belly button starting to stick out
  • November 2~~~23 weeks 2 days~~~feeling movement pretty regularly...Squirt is very active at night...little kicks...
  • November 6~~~23 weeks 6 days~~~OB visit went great...heartrate and tummy measuring on time
  • November 11~~~24 Weeks 3 days~~~HR dr visit went great DH and I got to see Squirt moving around. HR was 138 and Squirt weighs. 1.8 Lbs yahooooooo
  • November 20~~~26 Weeks~~~ feeling big kicks now....Scott felt Squirt kick hard 1st time
  • November 24~~~26 weeks 4 days Denali was laying her head on my tummy and she clearly felt Squirt was a strong kick and she jumped up and stared at me like something is wrong.
  • November 28~~~ 27 weeks ~~~thanksgiving with family...first time for everyone to see my belly
  • December 1 ~~~ 27 weeks 3 days~~~Family baby shower - went great!!! Loved seeing everyone!
  • December 5~~~28 Weeks~~~glucose test with OB scheduled - failed 1 doctors cut off is 135 and my results were 139 have to take the 3 hour
  • December 10~~~28 weeks 6 days~~~dr appointment with HR - went great...didnt get any good pics of Squirt....hands and feet were in the face the whole time heart 140 2 lbs 15 oz...Squirt looks so cute.
  • December 23 ~~~ 30weeks 3 days~~appointment went great....heartrate 150...tummy measuring on time...feeling Squirt's hiccups now
  • January 2~~~32 weeks~~~took the 3 hour glucose test
  • January 3~~~32 Weeks 1 Day~~~appointment went great....squirt measuring at4lbs . Heartrate 150. Having trouble sleeping on my makes my hips hurt...started sleeping part of the night in the recliner.
  • January 4~~~32 weeks 2 days~~~parents and meemaw came into town to help paint the nursery and put all the baby furniture together...loved having them!!! Feeling a lot of big kicks and twists and turns...can see my tummy dance around when Squirt is turning.
  • January 6~~~32 Weeks 4 days~~ heartrate 157...tummy measuring on time
  • January 20~~~34 weeks 4 days~~~heartrate 140...tummy looks great....finally have a date for the csection....2/4/14 They moved my due date up a bit so they had to move my csection up too.
  • January 23 ~~~35 Weeks~~~Ultrasound heartrate 129 Squirt weighs 5lbs 2oz....Squirt not happy about being woken up and having pic a fussy face stinkin' cute!!!!
  • January 24 ~~~35 weeks 1 day~~~went to family doc due to sinus infection and bad cough....YUCK...have to take Rx to get rid of cough and junk in my chest....thanks a lot cedar.
  • January 27~~~35 weeks 4 days~~~OB visit...heartrate 156...did the strep B swab test...came back neg...Yahoo C-section date is set for February 4th.
  • January 30~~~36 Weeks~~~last ultrasound before D-day and last appointment with high risk doc!! Squirt looked great...cant wait to meet Squirt on 2/4/14
  • January 31~~~ 36 weeks 1 day~~~ LAST DAY OF WORK
  • February 2~~~36 weeks 3 days~~~Mom, Dad, and Meemaw come into town to help get last few things done!
  • Febuary 3~~~36 weeks 4 days~~~met with OB to go over details of cesection. Registered with the hospital and got all pre surgery blood work and paperwork done. Have to be at hospital at 10am Tuesday, Feb 4. Went out to eat with family...had a great time! Went to bed early because Squirt will be here tomorrow!!!!
  • February 4, 2014~~~36 Weeks 5 Days~~~Delivery Date via Csection

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