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June 22nd, 2013, 09:35 AM
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HELLOOOOO!!! Nice to hear from you Jen, how is everything? Its nice that you are keeping us posted. I was offered a new job and I am leaving my old one in a couple of weeks. The new one is better money, better shifts and close to home! We BD when I got the job offer and the next morning when I got the job I decided not to try this month as I'd rather settle in the new job first, so I thought I would have a break month. I wasn't worried about BDing as it was well out of my fertile window.....well guess what happened...... for some crazy reason I Oed a lot earlier than usual this cycle!!! (only 2 days after BD, the day after I changed my mind about trying this month). I was totally unexpected! So now.....we wait.....Let us know how your next appointment goes!!! I bet you are soooo excited!!! xxxx
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