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June 22nd, 2013, 10:12 PM
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Thanks ladies... these were exactly what I needed to read.

I had my first via csection in December. I was induced at 41 weeks because of slightly elevated blood pressure. We started with cervadil, went to pitocin, stripped my membranes and broke my water. After more than 36 hours of labor I caved and got the epidural. They cranked the pit, the epidural failed and my blood pressure sky rocketed. They gave me more meds and another epidural and my blood pressure plummeted. I stalled out at 9 cm after 40 hours and my husband and I decided to agree to the section. LO was 8.13 and ended up spending two weeks in the NICU because of meconium aspiration (we think because of the blood pressure spikes). I had been seeing a midwife and so was just saddled with the on call OBs. The one that did my section actually told me, before the took me to the OR, that it was likely all of this would happen again and to just plan on another section if we had more kids. She gave me the same speech at my 6 week pp appt.

I want a VBAC... I want to have the natural labor and birth that I planned for the first time. I'm also scared of setting myself up for another disappointment. Do I go back to the midwife? Do I find a VBAC friendly OB? Would it not be easier to just plan on having a section? All of these questions that are already spinning around in my head. I'm pushing 40 so we'll be trying for our second in the next few months. I want to do everything that I can to make this a possibility...

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