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June 23rd, 2013, 06:22 AM
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Caitlin…thanks for checking up on me ….I am praying so hard that you and all the other vets join me so soon….I totally understand the heartache of TTC and I love and pray for y’all every day.

Originally Posted by Dóchas View Post
You have a grad Journal....

I can't wait to see ever pic's and update... I'm so an excited and can I say a little of jealous you look AMAZING so tiny you are going to be one hot preggo
Thanks Becks !!!! I love the new pic of Adam and Grace.....So totally adorable!!!!!

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Soooo excited to follow this one
Thanks so happy to be here it still feels like a dream.

Originally Posted by fromustobaby View Post
Goodness!! This is one baby bump that I'm really going to enjoy watching grow big - you look amazing
So happy for you Stef!!
Are you still taking tests? Seeing that line never gets old <3

Can’t wait till you get to see the heartbeat for the first time!!
Thanks Tonya!! I am totally bloated and no matter how much I suck tummy totally sticks out

I have only been taken a test every two days...i see progression so I’m totally thrilled

here is a pic with the shirt Becks sent me...

Here is a pic of a onesie I bought a couple of years ago...I couldn’t pass it up....

Here is a pic with todays test...

I downloaded two apps to my phone one is baby bump and the other is from baby center….I like both of them so maybe I will actually remember to add data to them. I like the format of the baby bump APP…I think that is how I will write it here too.

June 23, 2013
4 weeks 2 Days
  • Weight: 135
  • Waist: 33
  • Mood: so freaking happy all the time
  • Energy: tired….i feel drained a lot…need a nap often
  • Appetite: I go from starving to nothing sounds good a lot
  • Cravings: Anything with salt….sweet does not sound good to me at all…I love salads!
  • Morning sickness: I get nauseas if I go too long without eating.
  • Symptoms: burping a lot, stuffy nose, a little cramping, boobs are tender, bloating, CM is creamy and I have a lot of it.

Scott was so cute he came home from work on Friday and said “Hey preggo!” He is going to be an amazing dad! He kinda aggravated me yesterday though…I said I was craving something salty and that sweet stuff makes me feel queasy and he said “it is all in your head” I wanted to hit him…so I pulled out a pregnancy book that I had bought a few years ago and read the part about cravings…he was like “oh” I had to train him on all the TTC stuff so now I get to school him on pregnancy stuff At night I started reading little bits from the book and the stuff from my app to help guide him.

I am so impatient…I want it to be August already….and for me to say that is crazy. Most of yall know that I love the summer…but I am ready to shout "I am Pregnant" from the roof tops. We both would like to wait until 12 weeks to tell most people. But I think we may tell our parents around 8 weeks. My mom’s b-day is July 18 and I would love to give her something as a way of announcing.

So we shall see after my July 1st visit. I will only be 5 weeks and 3 days so I don’t know if she can see anything or hear the heartbeat yet b/c it is really early.

Okay...Ive got a paper to write, a presentation to practice, and a final to review for...I really hope I can stay focused to get it all done.

Love y'all XX

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