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June 23rd, 2013, 06:37 AM
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I thought we could share all our gorgeous, sunny, happy summer memory photos as part of the Summer of Love.

You can post pictures from this summer but you can also start by posting old holiday / summer time photos as well to get you in the mood.

Anything positive, happy, inspiring or full of love can be included here, including birth / newborn pictures, family summer or holiday snaps, summer selfies, nature photography, summer birthday / other parties, pictures of your summer garden. Whatever inspires you and makes you feel summery and uplifted, is likely to make your soul sisters feel the same way!

I will sticky this for the duration of the Summer of Love. Share away!

*To post a photo*

1. Upload your photo(s) to a photo hosting site. The easiest is Photobucket and I can help you further if needed if you use Photobucket. However I believe you can also link from Flickr and Facebook - I'm not too sure about Instagram and will update if anyone can tell me.

2. Look at the codes generated by the photo hosting site. It's the code with [IMG] [/ IMG] you need. It may be labelled "BBcode". Copy this code and paste it into your post.

Simples! But PM me if you're using Photobucket and having problems.


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