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June 23rd, 2013, 07:18 AM
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I will be taking down the Top Posters sticky, but only for now while we need stickies for the Summer of Love. I am bookmarking it as well as the 2013 predictions thread, and will re-sticky them afterwards.

This is the Top Posters board as it currently stands:

Terri (crankyfidget) - 58

Tasha (MidnightMaiden) - 52

Nikki (fromGirltoMommy) - 26

Melanie (Mountain~Mama) - 19

Ashley (plan4fate) - 16

Angi (stucklikeglue) - 14

Jackie (Hippy Witchy Chicky) - 6

Kelly (kaydee78) - 5

Hillarie (Lady Lotus) - 3

Leslie (LDRW) - 3

Dhartanya - 3

Megan (mal91011) - 2

Carrie (*PurpleMidnight*) - 2

Melissa (Mitra Shonu) - 2

Laurie (hopesNdreams) - 1

Stephanie (~*Dolphin~Dreamer*~) - 1

Missy (mommy4micandella) - 1

Melissa (mommy-of-one) - 1

Sam (SmilingSam) - 1

Remember, you only get a point for each topic you start in this, not for replies. The winner on December 31st 2013 will receive a $10 Amazon voucher and a 2014 reading. The second and third place posters will receive a 2014 reading.

For any summer-related threads you post in the Summer of Love from now until September 10th, you should tag them "summer of love 2013". You have the option to tag topics at the bottom of a post. Any threads I find under that tag will get you TWO points instead of one. I will post this in the Summer of Love sticky as well.

If you want to bookmark the thread yourself here it is:

And....CHECK IN!

Who's here?

Plans for the summer?

What have you been up to lately?

Current spiritual interests?

Birthdays / special dates this summer?

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