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June 23rd, 2013, 09:29 AM
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Hello Dana.

I am looking for a blinkie maker who may be willing to take on a little project, as we are doing a member awards this summer on Spiritual Living, and will need 22 blinkies for the winners which can all be similar apart from the text with maybe a little variation in colour and image.

I noticed you had been actively making blinkies recently, and I also noticed in your gallery you had done such a set of blinkies before, with animals on. That sort of thing would be absolutely ideal for what I have in mind, but with summer-related pictures and colours.

I am no blinkie maker myself, and I realise this is a lot to ask, however if you are at all interested I am an angel reader (see link in siggy) and would be willing to do a reading in return for whoever is willing to take this on! Please let me know if you'd be willing / able / interested and I'll give you the details. Absolutely no worries if not, I do understand.

(The FFA request on the main board is a separate request and not for the member awards. Also, I would not need the award blinkies until early to mid August.)

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