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June 23rd, 2013, 11:31 AM
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There's not a lot of chatter going on there. Some girls talk about more personal concerns and gripes, and we had a few debates, but it's not hopping or anything.

If there's a critical mass of people it would take to vote in some of our less frequent posters, I'll add my name to the list. Maybe we could have a bypass like PM the mods with a belly pic (since we're likely all showing at this point) and something random in your hands or a sign with your username to prove you're not a creepy troll (which is what the post limit is supposed to guard against).

Just a thought!

Semi-relatedly; did we ever vote on forum names/get the DDC theme sorted out? It'll be a little weird if November installs theirs before we do ours! lol.

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