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June 23rd, 2013, 11:40 PM
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Thanks for your advice, and it makes me feel better. Today I feel like my LO was in timeout most of the afternoon. The hardest part for me is that I have to constantly leave my 9 mo old baby in the high chair or pack & play to deal with timeouts, and it just not fair to her especially during meal times. I'm so frustrated by it lately. I am definitely guilty of not being consistent so I need to fix that. Sometimes im so exhausted to get up and drag him to time out that I give him another chance or more warnings or let it go completely. (for time out, I use a booster chair on a carpeted floor facing a corner so that I can buckle him in) Most of the time I have to pick him up and carry him there because he wont go on his own. Then I use the microwave timer which is 2 rooms away from the corner so Im running back and forth. I guess I should buy a mini timer to keep in that room.

Starting tomorrow I am going to make an effort to stay consistent.

Originally Posted by RunningWithBoys View Post
I do a hybrid of 123 Magic and natural consequences like Amy.

123 Magic just allows them to learn I am serious. Now that my 5 year old has been through 3 years of 123 magic, I barely have to count. For example, I say, "If you stick you hand out of the window I will roll it up." He knows I am serious because for three years once I got to 3, he had a consequence (time out). I got a great compliment from one of his counselors today. He's the youngest at camp and they said he was the 'best behaved'. Did that happen overnight? No. Did that even happen the first week of camp? No? He had to test his boundaries. He had to see how much he could get away with and who would let him. Once we chatted that if he was good X would happen and if he got a negative report X would happen, he turned into a different boy.

Children crave boundaries. Create them and then STICK to them.

My 2.5 year old was speech delayed and has some sensory issues which means when he gets frustrated he couldn't verbalize it, so he would hit. He knows at this point if he hits one time he goes straight to time out. I swear it felt like he was in time out for days....but he learned.

Good luck! Pick your rules and STICK to them. Know he is going to test you and it won't change overnight. Baby steps.

I forgot to mention the running. Luke is a runner. I don't use 123 magic because I don't want to have to choose between counting or saving him from being crushed by a car. So I always start carry him out of wherever we are. I give him a choice. You can walk like a big boy and hold my hand, or I will carry you. What do you want? He tested me for week. Every time he ran, I would catch him and scoop him up. He hated being carried when his big brother got to walk. Over time he learned, hold hand or be carried.

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