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June 24th, 2013, 12:04 AM
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I was just reading the responses to my discipline post so I thought I would bring up some time out situations that I am not always sure how to handle.

what do you do if your LO purposely does something wrong just to procrastinate bed time? Today he did this before his nap, so I skipped our books & lullaby routine as a punishment and made him go straight to bed. Time out would have made him happy just to stay up longer.

What about if its a situation where you can't immediately put them in time out? Today he pulled my glasses off and tried to throw them, as he was getting out of the tub. So I couldn't put him in time out until he was dried off and had a diaper put on, by then I figured it was too late for him to learn a lesson. So instead I yelled at him which I know doesn't help the situation.

Do you have multiple time out places in your home? Like one upstairs and one downstairs? Right now im dragging him down the stairs to put him in his time out corner which has a booster seat that I buckle him in. Its getting tiring so I need to find a solution for when he misbehaves upstairs.

What about in public? If my LO is bored in the grocery store, why would it be a punishment to take a time out from the grocery store?? I will tell him if he behaves he can have some sort of treat, but that doesn't always fix the really bad things he does like throwing his sippy cup out of the shopping cart (almost hit a person yesterday) or turning around and smacking his sister.

Sorry this is so long, im just really looking for some advice!! Thanks!!

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