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June 24th, 2013, 06:55 AM
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Starting a family is definitely an exciting time. Getting pregnant for some can be just as easy as drinking water but for me I have to time everything and know at what stage I am in my cycle in order to get pregnant. The symptoms of your friend coming are similar to signs of being pregnant so it does get confusing... Unless you knew when you ovulated in your cycle and when you did the baby dance then you would probably have a better idea if it was one or the other... Also, just because you tested negative doesn't really mean that you are not pregnant... It could still be early so wait a few days and test again if your friend didn't come yet. They call it the two week waiting period (TWW)...
Just a little info... For the next time you try to do the baby dance... Day one of your cycle is the first day your friend comes... usually ladies ovulate around the 10 to 14th day... depends on your body (Some ladies don't ovulate at all during a cycle... but not to scare you)... You will start to know when you Ovulate by your cervical mucus (sorry maybe a little TMI) Your cervical mucus when you wipe down there should be of a raw egg white texture... you see this and you know in about a few days your eggs will drop to possibly be fertile. Start baby dancing with your man when you spot this and a few days after... If you really wanted to try really bad get an Ovulation Test (I used Clear Blue) a smily face shows that your are at peak for fertility.

Good Luck!
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