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June 24th, 2013, 10:36 AM
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My digging on the internet says it's most likely from ovulation. The spotting finally stopped, but it went on for about 3 days. The sites I read on said things like "it could mean you're extra fertile" or that separation of the uterine lining happens because of hormones during ovulation, and a few other random things. The thing is, this never used to happen and it's very troubling... and I got to thinking of all of these different unlikely things that maybe could be related or not related... and I think the most significant change is that a few months ago I stopped drinking tea because I went to donate blood and they said that my iron was low and asked if I was a tea drinker. I said yes, and they said the tannins in tea can block iron absorption. But aside from that, tea has a lot of good qualities, and different teas can have an effect inflammaton, menstruation, cycle regularity, and alleviate cramping which I think might all be part of the issue... so I figured, I will just allow myself to have tea again. I'm not donating blood anymore because of TTC, so I don't think I'm truly at risk of becoming anemic. Other than that... 4 DPO... we'll see what happened. I am itching to test! I hate the 2WW.
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