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June 24th, 2013, 11:54 AM
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17: Korbyn Tristin Eugene (son of Tinky)
2lb 10oz ~ 15.35in
Gestation: 28w5d
Birth story:

14: Isabel Faith (daughter of alittlelost)
3lb 11oz ~ 17in
Gestation: 33w
Birth story:

15: Whitney Jelene (daughter of Kelllilee)
5lbs 7.8oz ~ 18.5in
Gestation: 35w3d
Birth story: (Whitney Jelene 7/15 @ 35 weeks)

16: Finley Dawn (daughter of Beachbabies)
8lbs 8oz ~ 20in
Gestation: 37wk1d
Birth story: Coming Soon

23: Rory Liam (son of Irishgirl99)
6lb 11oz ~ 20 inches
Gestation: 37w6d
Birth Story: (Rory Liam ~ July 23rd ~ 37 weeks 6 days)

24: Yalia Izabel (daughter of Mom2rickyranajavier)
7lbs 4ozs ~ 20.5 in
Gestation: 37w1d
Birth story: Coming Soon

24: Merrick Odell (son of Soaringphoenix)
6lbs 7oz ~ 19.5in
Gestation: 39w3d
Birth Story: (Merrick ~ born July 24 @ 39wks (Slightly longish))

27: Bailey Addison (daughter of mself145)
7lbs 5.3oz ~ 19in
Gestation: 37w2d
Birth story: Coming Soon

30: Zoey Grace (daugher of Dandelion)
8lbs 9oz ~ 21in
Gestation: 39w5d
Birth Story: Coming Soon

31: Mackenzie Allison (daughter of sara0831)
7lbs 1 oz ~ 21.5 in
Gestation: 37w5d
Birth Story: (Mackenzie Allison is here! *update and photo*)

31: Elliot Alexander (son of melissamarie247)
9lbs 10oz ~ 20in
Gestation: 39w4d
Birth Story: (Elliot Alexander- Born 7/31- 9lbs10oz- 39w4d)

1: Monroe (daughter of .H.E.A.T.H.E.R.)
6lbs 11oz ~ 20in
Gestation: 36w
Birth story: (Monroe TOLA2C 8/1/2013)

3: Xyla Marie (daughter of Ray88)
7lbs 9oz ~ 20 inches
Gestation: 40w3d
Birth Story: Coming Soon

4: Zephyr Mae Fleming (daughter of Innogen)
6lbs 7oz ~ 19.5in
Gestation: 38w4d
Birth Story: Coming Soon

5: Jessiah Adah (daughter of mrsmckenzie1)
6lbs 7oz ~ 18.5in
Gestation: 37w6d
Birth Story:

5: Sophia Brielle (daughter of HollyNE2)
8lbs 1oz ~ 20in
Gestation: 40 weeks 3 days
Birth Story: Coming Soon

6: Logan Arthur (son of Eva. L)
11 lbs 6oz ~ 23in
Gestation: 39w5d
Birth Story: Coming Soon

6: Zoe Freda Lisa (daughter of Jarrin)
19 7/8 inches long
Gestation: 38w5d
Birth Story: Coming Soon

6: Ayla (daughter of LadyGamer)
9lb2oz ~ 21 inches
Gestation: 41w2d
Birth story: Coming Soon

7: Liahna (daughter of round2t)
5lb 14oz ~ 19 inches
Gestation: 40w1d
Birth Story: Coming Soon

8: Maelle Red (daughter of pbear31)
8lbs 12oz ~ 19.5in
Gestation: 39w2d
Birth story: Coming Soon

8: Mikah Ryan (son of KASHWORTH)
9lbs 8oz ~ 21in
Gestation: 39w4d
Birth story: Coming Soon

10: Terrell Nathaniel Woods III (son of honestlymonique)
6lb 12oz ~ 20in
Gestation: 38w1d
Birth Story: Coming Soon

13: Georgia Valerie Lee (daughter of Momma2Chase)
8lb 11oz ~ 19.68in
Gestation: 40w
Birth Story:

To add your little one, please reply here with:
(date baby was born): (name) (son/daughter of -your username-)
(weight) ~ (length)
Gestation: (baby's gestation at birth)
Birth story: (link to your birth story if you have one posted. You can always add one later, too)

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