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June 24th, 2013, 01:53 PM
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She was two weeks late, and I had to be induced due to that. I wanted so bad to not have an epidural. After TWO DAYS of real contractions, and not an ounce of sleep due to 5 minute apart contractions for 48 hours (no dilation) I let them give me morphine AND ambien to try to get some sleep. I slept through contractions for 45 whole minutes. I was handling the pain, but thought I was die from exhaustion. I finally let them give me pitocin at that point, and break my water. I jumped to 9cm in a few hours, but would not go complete. On full pitocin, water broken, 9cm for hours and hours and hours, I finally agreed to the epidural. The doc said it would relax me and be my only hope of avoiding a C-Section. It worked! I delivered an hour later, after almost 3 days.

In hindsight, I feel guilty for the morphine and ambien, and wish I would have just started with the epidural. If I had to get the epidural anyway, I might as well have avoided the other stuff.

Hopefully next time I can go natural the whole way.

She was "Acynclitic" or sideways, so that's why I wouldn't completely open up... she wasn't pushing on the correct spot.
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