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June 24th, 2013, 01:55 PM
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Christen, I'm sorry you had a rough week. I hope a weekend with the family helped turn things around.
It was so sad to read about baby Lucy's passing.

Our weekend was pretty successful. Leah and DH had a fun weekend camping, but are covered in bug bites. Leah had a swollen eye, forehead and ankle when she got home, from so many bites. But she loved the weekend. James enjoyed 98% of the movie. We sat by the aisle, and he walked around and watched on and off. It was crowded, which was nice. Right before the end (I'm assuming), he decided he wanted to go. I only expected him to make it to the previews, so I was impressed.

His new diet is so challenging. He doesn't like his fruit or veggies, and anything I've baked (muffins, bread, crackers) has been a bust so far. He's not crying as much when I say he can't have his usuals, so at least there's that... Leah is on board with the new life change though, which is helpful, since he looks up to her. Oh well. It's only day 4.

Hope everyone is doing well and has a good week. Ours is busy. Getting ready for J's birthday this weekend.
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