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June 24th, 2013, 02:55 PM
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well I went back to my doctor this evening ,iv told him that ivf atm is out of the question because of costs,But I cant sit and keep hoping mth after mth with out trying something ,so from next mth I will be on clomid then mid mth in docs office for internal scan to see how my eggs are and I will be having a trigger injection to make me ovulate. then we can time bd spot on that's if all goes well. ,will do this for 6 mths ,I was really worried about costs while we saving for ivf but its not to bad ,we can manage it ,wish I had done this last year.I know there is no magic pill as such for getting pregnant but this may help ,better then doing nothing ,I know there is a problem as iv had bfn for 2 yrs ,so I feel like we are now be pro active .its a start !!

ps .as you know iv a blocked right tube ,my doctor said as my left tube ok. that eggs from my right side will just go to the left tube that it makes no difference ,oh and I was warned of twins lol ,which I thought was out of the question as only one tube but its no ,so to night im happy first time iv smiled from ear to ear in weeks ,how sad is that lol ,

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