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June 24th, 2013, 03:44 PM
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I am feeling really upset with my work right now and like I have to put off TTC for a couple months because of the stress. I'm a teacher and so "ideally" I would be due right before summer and be back afterwards. Well, we were starting now anyways because with my PCOS who the heck knows how long it'll take me to get pregnant. Then I got my work schedule for next year. I teach 5 periods a day and normally have to prep for 2 different courses. Next year they gave me 3 different courses to prep for and one of those is an AP college credit course I've never taught but have already been planning out. I already had this planned that *IF* I got pregnant right away I would be due after we started reviewing for their big AP exam so I wouldn't be teaching new stuff and could organize the review stuff for them ahead of time. I don't want to let any of my students down. Now with 3 different courses to prepare for I am just freaked out that I am going to be too stressed out at the start of next school year and don't know if I could handle being pregnant too. I desperately want to make a push to TTC this month because I should O on our 5 year anniversary and that would be really special, but now I am wondering if I should put it off this month. I've messaged my boss about my concerns with the course load (She specifically said in the past that it was her goal to never give a teacher this kind of schedule) but I don't want to mention anything about TTC for fear they'll take away my advanced course I've been working towards getting to teach. Although I *may* have a student teacher which now that I think about it could be her whole plan that the student teacher takes over one of my courses BUT I'm not supposed to know about that part and the student teacher won't know for sure until August. ACK. I hate unknowns and the anxiety it causes I don't want to plan my future around work, but I feel such a commitment to what I do that I don't want to short change my students.
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