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June 24th, 2013, 06:06 PM
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Sam - I am working on my master’s in education administration...I would like to leave the classroom to be a principal one day.

Originally Posted by Dóchas View Post
OMG I love the shirt with your tests, That just made my day...
I can’t wait to put in on our little one

Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
Those shirts are too cute! I'm so happy to be following this journal Stef!
Thanks Jen!!! I can’t wait for you to join me over here!!! I want all of the ladies that are TTC to be grads.

Originally Posted by *Manda* View Post
I had to come on to JM for the first time in forever to see for myself! I am SO excited for you Stef! I can't think of anybody who deserves this more! You've given me so much hope to keep persevering and that it WILL happen someday! I can't wait to follow your pregnancy journey
AMANDA!!! I haven’t seen ya in forever girlie!!! Thanks for checking up on me girlie!! I want so many of y'all to join me...I can say it would mean so much more if all the vets were over here too. Girlie when I see your bfp I will do a happy dance!!!!! I ya!

Originally Posted by Cait&AngelAbove View Post
I hope to join you soon! We see just waiting for my cycle to resume now that the endometriosis shot is out of my system. I agree with Amanda that you give us all hope. I am so happy for you. I love when any of our girls get their bfp but it is always amazing when one of our vets get theirs. I love the onesies! And I live how dark your tests are getting!
Well I cannot wait to jump up and down and squeal with joy when I see your bfp!!!

Originally Posted by blueeyes25s View Post
OMG CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am so happy and end excited for you!!!! I wish you a h&h 9 months!!!
Thanks Dawn! I miss glad I can finally join in the journey.

Originally Posted by ~Momma*2011~ View Post
Stef, first off I want to say like everybody else, congrats again on a beautiful bfp. Wishing you the most H&H 9 months EVER!!!

Second, I love seeing the pee sticks and the onsies and shirts and what a cute way to tell your mom on her birthday!!

I hope you have an amazing appt on the 1st!! And It must have been so exciting to go onto the bump website and get your pregnancy counter
Oh my gosh was the best making a pregnancy ticker I was starting to think it wasn’t for us. Congrats on #2

Originally Posted by daneeleigh View Post
You're soooo tiny = )!!
Danee!!! Hey chica!!! I just notice your siggie...your expecting #2....congrats to you!!!

Originally Posted by momology View Post
This is a fantastic journal!!! That BFP progression is amazing and I look forward to following your journey!!!!
Thanks Elle!!! I am hoping and praying you get your bfp very soon!!

Ladies y’all are freaking amazing and I love you all!!!! You have no idea how much y'all mean to me!!!

June 24, 2013
4 Weeks 3 Days
  • Weight: 136
  • Waist: 33
  • Mood: good
  • Energy: didn’t feel too tired today…I will probably crash tonight though
  • Appetite: snacked most of the day
  • Cravings: chick-Fil-a …yeah I had to stop off and get some nuggets
  • Morning sickness: nothing today
  • Symptoms: burping, tons of creamy cm, pulling feeling in my abdomen, tender breasts

I have a paper, final, presentation, and an article due on Wednesday. I’m ready for my final…finished working on my presentation…my paper is done…all I need to do is my article!!!!
I had to run to the mall today to drop of Scott’s shirt for alterations and the alteration place is right next door to Motherhood Maternity. So of course I had to go in and browse. OH My Gosh…I cannot believe how much they charge for a simple maternity shirt I will not be shopping there…I can get what I need from Target or buy tops from Ross that are loose fitting. I’m really glad I kept my old work slacks from when I weighed more…I will be able to use those for a while before I have to invest in anything. I also have a pair of black maternity pants I got from the Target clearance rack for like $6 a few years ago.
Well, that’s about it for today…nothing too exciting. I am really ready for the weeks to start flying by….it hasn’t even been a week since my is so hard to be patient.

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