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June 24th, 2013, 10:58 PM
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I am like you and do not care for "trending" or over-popular baby names at all. Plus, I am picky. Like stated, I dont want to pick a name that has to grow on me. DH was named after his father who was named after his father. So, naturally, DH wants to name a son after himself. I hate the idea because I am not fond of his first or middle name since to me they are "outdated." I also dont enjoy the idea of naming a child after the mother/father. I think I just look at that saying "why is that child special enough to be named after one of the parents, but the rest arent?" I do like the idea of naming after grandparents since each child can be named after a different one.

DH and I are still TTC, but we have started putting together a list because I fear I will have a hard time deciding as well. We have already found some names we both love.

I am not sure what style of name might fit you and your family best, but maybe some classic but less popular names might start the brain up and give you some ideas. It is easy for us all to say "dont sweat it," but I can actually see why you are. How old are your daughters? Maybe they have some ideas that could help too!

Best of luck to you all though. Here is a list of names I thought might get the ideas flowing:

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