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June 24th, 2013, 11:12 PM
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I definitely overdid it yesterday (Sunday). After all the whitewater rafting I was soooooo sore. But since we weren't slated to check out of the cabin until today (Monday) we decided to go hiking. There was a short but beautiful loop up one of the local mountains. So we started climbing. The teenager whined a great deal, so her step mom and I took the lead. The trail was GORGEOUS. We were walking up this trail and I had the insane thought, "Gosh, I kind of want to run this..." Later, after we get to the top, the teenager's dad decides he wants to jog the trail for a while. Now, I can't let him think he's in better shape than I am, so I jog off with him. It felt SO. GOOD. I've really missed riding on the road and missed the feeling of pushing my body physically. Jogging on this crazy up and down path with tree roots and twists in the middle of nature just brought up the euphoria of EXERCISE. And listen, I am NOT a runner. I ended up running over a mile down and around the mountain. Poor husband, who picked up smoking again, that wimp, had to stop because he got out of breath.

After the jog we took a float down a calmer section of the river. It was ice cold water. And the tubes were small. So we floated uncomfortably in the sun with numb behinds for a couple of hours. I was exhausted when we loaded back in the car. I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening in my room drinking water and laying on the bed. Too much. They were like, "Why are you so tired? You must need more protein!" Eh, no. I think it's more like my body is growing another body inside it, and I just rafted yesterday, jogged today. That's A LOT!

I'm dreading tomorrow. I have a meeting at 10, which means I have to be up early to eat, fight traffic, and ride the train. Then I don't have class down there until 4:30. So I'll have time to kill. I think I'll probably end up using that time to write up my homework assignment for my 4:30 class. It's kind of cutting it close, but I have no motivation to do this stupid assignment. I've done one just like it a number of times in undergrad school.

Symptom-wise I'm suffering with nausea. I figured out that plain waffles go down easily and can rescue me from being on the verge of vomiting if I haven't eaten enough. I dug out some old Zofran. One of the tasks I may accomplish in my down-time on campus tomorrow will probably be dropping by the campus health office to ask for some anti-nausea medication. Phenagren or Zofran will do! Anything to make it so I can function.

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