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June 25th, 2013, 05:41 AM
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If your Dr's not worried I wouldn't worry too much. Evan was an early walker (unassisted at Easter) so he's already almost running, lol. He's been kind of an early bloomer with a lot of stuff though. Some things we did to encourage Evan were:
*Keep the shoes off (Evan used his toes to balance/feel the ground so he wouldn't walk in shoes for the longest time).
*Lots of carpet/floor time.
*Playing "Come to Mama/Dada" (This really worked for us. We would sit on the floor with Evan, stand him out a few feet in front of us & then call him toward us. He would take a step or 2 then fall & it was a bit of a process but eventually he made it & then we would move progressively farther & farther away & sooner or later he was walking!
Hope this helps!

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