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June 25th, 2013, 09:35 AM
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I remember now why I just don't like being pregnant. The worry drives me crazy. I had blood work done yesterday and they told me to call this morning around 9:00 for the results. Well I called and left a message and it's 11:30 here and still no return phone call. Drives me nuts. Don't they know I'm on pins and needles here and need to know that baby is doing ok. the nurse that I usually deal with is on vacation which stinks also. She was with me when I had my loss and she knows how hard pregnancy is for me so I believe that she would call me back. Ok I'm going to stop complaining now. I am so thankful to be pregnant again and know I shouldn't complain because there are others who have a very difficult time getting pregnant but I just hate all the worry that comes with pregnancy after a loss. I just wish I could go back to how it was when I was pregnant with Jackson and before I had a loss. Ignorance is such bliss.

I will post my results if the darn nurse ever calls me back. I'm going to call back after lunch if I haven't heard from her.

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