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June 25th, 2013, 09:39 AM
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Yah I have my section scheduled for the 22nd. I tried to move it to the 19th which is a friday rather than on a Monday 22nd but was unable to. I have a reallly strong feeling I will not make it to the scheduled date though. But will see.

I dont do signs or anything like that and the doc is the one who actually gave me the date. I was lucky though cus he told reallly early in pregnancy though when I would be scheduled. oooh and my weight loss has already losing it fast too thankfully. SO now I enjoy getting on the scale when I see 5-7 lbs down each time!! yippeeee

You are gettting super close!!!!!!! I havent been able to be as much lately but Im looking forward to see us all deliver healthy beautiful babies!!! It seems the dominoes are falling already and its soooo cool!! this went by so fast.

OH did you get your freezer meals done? and are you dialating any or changes in your cervix?
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