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June 25th, 2013, 11:31 AM
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Quick update from campus...

I learned today that the school clinic won't see you if you are pregnant. What kind of nonsense is that??? I'm sure it's for "liability" reasons. But ugh. So I'll have to wait until tomorrow to go to the local Urgen Care to try and get a Rx for an anti-nausea medication.

I'm working on my Master's in Public Health (MPH), with a concentration on Biostatistics. Basically that means that I'm a nerd. I like statistical software and data analysis. My dream job will be analyzing all the data that epidemologists and research groups collect. I'll look at it, give them results, and they'll take it and go on their merry way, pushing whatever agenda suits them. I want nothing to do with health promotion or increased regulation. I'm kind of wacko/extreme on my political beliefs, so that's where my hesitation to join the public health campaigns comes from.

I'm about halfway through my homework assignment for my 4:30 class. Its such a laaaaaaaame assignment.

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