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June 25th, 2013, 12:34 PM
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I don't feel comfortable doing it in public out in the open. My breasts I feel are just too big and there is no discreet way of doing it. Plus, baby doesn't always latch on right away. The covers are useless to me. Its too hot and baby doesn't like them either. When I am at family's house, depending who is around I will do it there in the open. If there are too many people I will excuse myself and ask to use another more private room. If Im out at the mall or stores, I will use the changing rooms. Its just how it is. My boobs aren't exactly perky either, so it requires me to use one hand to hold one of the girls and the other the baby, plus trying to get into a comfortable position and getting baby to latch and stay latched plus trying to wake him up more than half the time while he nurses still. Its a lot of work. I would rather do all that in privacy.

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