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June 25th, 2013, 01:38 PM
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When does vacation start?

I am a devils advocate when it comes to drinking during pregnancy. The risks are highest when the mother feeds the baby via her bloodstream. That doesn't happen until the yolk sac is gone, which would be several weeks from now. That said I wouldn't go crazy on them, but if you have a few, you won't hurt anybody (cept maybe your brain, it might feel some pain ).

You have to remember, that we live in a sue happy country. Doctors HAVE to tell you not to have any alcohol, because if they say other wise, you could sue them. But in the rest of the world... people regularly enjoy alcohol (mostly wine and beer) while pregnant. Red wine appears to work quite well to fend off premature labor and might calm an irritable uterus. The midwife clinic I want to use is a bit of an oddity, they recommend a beer with in 12 hours of labor to kick start milk production in women. I hate beer, but my husband's ex will be dropping by with a cold corona for me when she brings their son to see his sibling
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