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June 25th, 2013, 03:10 PM
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I am looking for advice about my daughter. She is 21 months old, and we are currently living in Germany. We are stationed on a military post, that is extremely tiny, and it's a pretty secluded place. We have lived here for four years, so besides for 2 two week visits to the United States, this is really all she knows.

She does not get much interaction with other kids. She has in the past, just as far as general play time, but my friends have since moved back to the states. I do take her to a weekly play group, that is about an hour long.. she just needs time adjusting when we get there so she is clingy and still does not receive as much interaction with other kids as I would like her to.

She understands us very well, is able to identify things well, and follows directions. In books, she identifies all types of things when we ask here where it is... cats, dogs, the moon, trees, grass, etc.. quite a few things. She says quite a few words such as a few types of animals (cats, dogs, cow, some animal sounds, etc.) and mama, dada, water, please, thank you, mickey, minnie, etc.. She is quite verbal as far as single words, but not sentences. She cannot identify colors. She "reads" and "talks" when she is playing in her baby talk.. where she just goes on and on, saying all types of things.. but nothing that we can understand.

I am just wondering if she should be talking more..? We are moving back to the states in a month, (staying with the family for awhile first) and so I know that she will get more social interaction, I just do not want her to be behind.

I talk to her all day long, and so does my husband when he is not working. We read/sing to her constantly.. but do y'all think that she is alright?
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