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June 25th, 2013, 04:40 PM
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Hey ladies
Sorry I havent been on much lately
I feel like life has been kind of turned upside down the past month and especially the past 2 weeks

Im working constantly whether at my job or around the house
I haven't spent ANY time with my DH because of his project.
Just been in a pretty terrible mood overall...Im thinking because my hormones are probably going crazy.

I got stuck with a needle again today and should get the results back tomorrow...I dont have hopes for a 0 hcg Im still bleeding...Im pretty sure bleeding=something still in there for anyone keeping track this is week 7 of bleeding..thats right 50 days!
But last week it went down by half, to 46 so hopefully it will be really low tomorrow.

Last night I pretty much had a meltdown.. Im usually a happy person (I get snippy sometimes with dh but overall Im nice) but lately I am just a monster..especially to Dh. I work in customer service so all day I have to be super nice to everyone so I guess it just all comes out when I get home ..poor guy.
I try so hard to stay focused on the positive and look to God for healing and acceptance but honestly It has just gotten to me . I feel overwhelmed with stress, frustration, everything and everyone.,..I even get mad at my dog and i LOVEEEE my dog..I usually think hes the most wonderful thing in the world..but last night I was 2seconds away from taking him to the pound.. Sad to say that.

ugh sorry this has turned into a pity party/rant... Just exhausted
thats a good word to describe my feelings the past month...exhausted! tired of it, over it..ready to be done.

Stupid m/c....went from cloud 9 everything in life going absolutely wonderfully to bottom of a hole that I cant seem to crawl my way out of
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