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June 25th, 2013, 06:55 PM
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I am starting the weaning process with my DD who is almost 18mo old. She has had cow milk but its a rare occurrence. My son who is 7 still drinks cow milk and we are in the process of transitioning the cow milk out. My DD doesnt really care much about the cow milk, she drinks mostly water, occasionally coconut water or juice and breastmilk. Now she is only nursing in the morning, at naptime and at bedtime so I feel like she probably needs more but not necessarily cow milk. She does eat cheese and yogurt which we are also transitioning out of the house.

What should I give her instead of cow milk? I feel like we can just totally get rid of milk altogether instead of buying almond or coconut milk. We wont do soy milk because we dont eat soy.

Right now she eats quite a bit of fruit, some veggies (pretty much anything that isnt a leaf, she hates leaves), some seeds and nuts, loves dark chocolate (the 85% cocoa bars). She has had meat and dairy and eggs (she doesnt like eggs at all) because we have not been totally veggie since before I was pg with her and it threw a wrench in my diet. We want to totally get rid of all animal products and stick with as much whole foods as possible. I just worry about her the most since she is transitioning away from the breastmilk. Any advice?
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