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June 25th, 2013, 07:51 PM
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Wow, that is an amazing story and I'm so happy you finally are a mama! Congratulations!

I can understand that trying to figure out how to tell your boyfriend is stressful and a little awkward. But give him a chance -- he might be thrilled too. It's very likely he'll need a while to process news this unexpected also, so I wouldn't consider his first reaction to the news to be too indicative of his feelings about this little one. Give him time. But don't 'blame' yourself -- he was just as aware as you that neither of you were using birth control. You don't have to feel defensive -- this is a miracle baby (I have one too ) and he can either man up and take responsiblity for fathering this little one or you can move on knowing that a sweet gift comes to you in less than nine months.

I would advise you to wait a bit so you can process your feelings and be prepared for whatever reaction you get. Then, be totally honest. Hopefully this will bring you even closer together once he's had time for it to sink in.

Most of all, enjoy every moment of this pregnancy you thought you'd never have!
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