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June 25th, 2013, 07:52 PM
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I have missed a lot of the previous postings when they were happening and apparently this original post as the mama deleted it? I just wanted to add this:

We are all hormonal and for the most part every one of us believes our views are the right ones (even if you don't want to admit that). I have to say I think one thing that would help in this cases is to have some empathy for the poster instead of jumping to conclusions about their intent behind the post. This is a due date club and mama's should feel free to discuss everything related to that including testing. Should we all try to be sensitive in our postings? OF COURSE! However I think we all need to step back for a second and try to empathize with the poster as well as the ones it offends. We should also stop to think that sometimes it is hard to convey your own valid feelings while keeping the feelings of others in your line of sight.

We really should try to give each other the benefit of the doubt and try to stop feeling attacked by another mom. We are all here for the same that should mean support for ALL areas not just the ones we feel are appropriate topics for us to discuss. For me that might be X for you it might be Y.

I really have taken the stance of trying to not be so defensive in this group but instead try to understand where the other mama is coming from. I tend to think that obviously a need is being met by the members on here that they might possibly be not getting anywhere else in their lives. Are there ones who like to start trouble? Yep but I honestly haven't seen it in this group.

Sorry this is so long!

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