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June 25th, 2013, 07:58 PM
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I would suggest that you go to a crisis pregnancy center -- they can provide you with a lot of great resources about both parenting and adoption agencies. Then, as another poster said, just give it time. You don't have to decide at all right now. See how things go and how you feel about it all in a few months. Know that if you do choose to give this baby up for adoption you are truly doing a selfless, wonderful thing and giving an incredible blessing to a couple. I know several families who have adopted and they are so grateful to the mothers of their children for such a priceless gift. If that is what is on your heart it is a beautiful thing and I think you can be so much commended for it. Bottom line, don't stress. Give yourself some time. Talk to your boyfriend about it. Do some soul-searching. Best wishes and keep us posted!
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